Contains PDF and audio (MP3) files of lessons from Brother Dan Gordon and other contributors.


This section contains sermons and Sunday school lessons, given as a series, which enables an in-depth study of a specific topic over a number of worship or BIBLE study services.

The audio recordings for each series is provided (MP3 files). The lesson outline(s) (PDF files) are provided where available.

Additionally, some "booklets" (PDF files) have been provided which were created from transcriptions of the audio recordings. These booklets have been edited to make them more readable and to remove some redundancy, but the intended message is preserved. Even though they and are NOT word for word transcriptions, they do follow along with the recordings.


Sermons and lessons from our regular Sunday morning and evening worship, Sunday school, and mid-week BIBLE study services.

Bible Conferences

The foremost purpose of these Bible Conferences is to honor and exalt Almighty God in all that is said and done. We desire that every word preached, and every song sung, be to the glory of God. It is the prayer of Home Baptist Church that God would manifest His glorious presence in a mighty way, and that God would reach down and save lost sinners, and that He would use the preached Word to greatly affect the hearts and lives of His people. We pray that God would strengthen and encourage our hearts to continue to earnestly contend for the faith, for which our Baptist forefathers so earnestly contended. That we would go from here more zealous, more courageous in His cause, and more in love with the Savior of our souls!

Revival Services

Sermons by the guest evangelist.


A collection of various sermons preached at H.M.B.C. by preachers and missionaries. These recordings may be from conferences, revivals, or special services where only one or two of the original "set" of recordings have "survived" over the years. Even though some of these sermons are many years old, the messages preached therein are still relevant today.