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"My mom told me years ago to only sing songs that meant something to me ... that I shouldn't just sing a song, but must also feel the song.  Many have asked us to record some of these songs that have been sung over the years here at the Home Baptist Church.

"Our pastor, Bro. Gordon, has often said that the most valuable thing that we can give of ourselves to another is our time.  I am so grateful for my friends who have helped in getting this CD done.

"Paula Cosner has been singing the alto part for me for many years.  She is a faithful church member, and a good friend to me and my family.  Paula is always dependable, and does a great job.  She has a lovely voice, and I am blessed to be able to sing with her.  Thank you Paula.

"Mom had always played the piano for me.  We had "our way" of singing songs.  I asked my friend Jennifer Hobson, to play the piano for us.  She is a faithful church member and a very talented pianist and singer.  Not only did Jennifer have to learn these songs, she had to learn to play them like mom did.  She has done a great job!  Thank you Jennifer.

"This CD would not have happened without Brett Hubbs.  Brett grew up in church, and is the one who pestered me into doing this project.  He thought it was important to record the songs that he had heard while growing up.  He had the ability and recording equipment to get it done.  Brett is a talented, gifted, and patient man.  He did the recording, mixing, played the bass guitar, and sang some of the back ground vocals.  So, a special thanks to a talented young man and good friend.

"And, thanks to my wife and best friend, Sherrie, and my family for being an encouragement to me.  I also thank God for my parents.  I am proud to be the son of Don & Cynthia Titus.

"Thanks to all of you who have been such an encouragement to me over the years, by telling me how you have been blessed by some of these songs.  If you are blessed in any way from these songs, then it is of the Lord.  None of us take credit for anything.  We are not special in any way, except that God in His mercy, has saved us.

"To God be all the honor, and glory, for all things!"
--Mark Titus