Covid-19 Action Plan

All attendees are welcome to listen to the service in their vehicle. While parked in the parking lot, tune your radio stations to 107.7 FM.
Attendees who plan on entering the building:
o Must be clear of all Covid-19, cold and flu like symptoms i.e.: Fever and chills, muscle and body aches, new loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, headache, sore throat, congestion or runny nose.
o Must not have had direct contact with Covid-19 positive individuals over the last 10 days
o If diagnosed, must be 10 days symptom free, with a release from their physician.
If an attendee is diagnosed with Covid-19 after attendance, the church will halt meeting inside the building for 14 days.
Attendees are always encouraged to maintain a 6 ft distance between them and other attendees. All forms of physical contact with persons outside of your household are discouraged, including but not limited to, hand shaking, hugs etc.
It is encouraged that while attending inside, only every other row of pews be used. This will further ease the efforts to maintain 6 ft distance from other attendees.
Attendees are encouraged to wear a mask.
Please follow the CDC guidelines for hand washing. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the building.
No staffed childcare is provided during services. If an attendee has a need for the nursery, it is requested that they use the provided cleaning materials to wipe down the surface area on all furniture that they use.
Common areas: Bathrooms, doorknobs, nursery, classrooms etc., will be sanitized at the end of every service.
The water fountain will remain out of order during this time. If necessary, bottled water can be provided upon request.
Tithes and offerings must be placed in the rear box. For those attending outside, a church member will be out to assist in collection. Each offering will be placed in its own envelope and left unopened for 24 hours.
No more than 2 individuals in each bathroom at any given time, apart from those that stay in the same household.
Sunday School will be set up in such a way that each attendee has the ability to sit 6 feet apart. To increase circulation of air, doors will be kept open wherever possible. Masks are encouraged while attending Sunday School.

Home Missionary Baptist Church will continue to monitor the recommendations by the Center For Disease Control closely for future recommendations.